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August 20, 2013

Now’s The Time To Pick Up The PS Vita


So the PlayStation Vita has been out now for roughly a year and a half and while the sales were alright it wasn’t exactly taking Nintendo’s spot as the leader in handheld gaming, plus factoring in that mobile gaming is at it’s highest with tablets and smartphones getting some top quality games on them for a fraction of the price of a standalone video game it was bound to happen that Sony would finally decide to cut the price on their PlayStation Vita. Now officially retailing at $199 the PS Vita shouldn’t be slept on any longer, when you think about how it will factor in with remote play to Sony’s PlayStation 4 as well as the already impressive library of games exclusively for it now is the perfect time to pick one up.


Don’t get me wrong I am guilty of getting bored with the PS Vita after a while as well let’s face it there was a time frame in which the options of games released for it were not appealing at all, honestly I blame the delay of Silent Hill: Book of Memories for my love/hate relationship with the Vita last year. But, alas my tiring rant is over, the Vita hopefully will gain some momentum and sales going into this holiday season with the new price cut, let’s not forget that a PlayStation Plus account on your PlayStation 3 will carry over to the Vita so you’ll have some good deals on games as well as free games too for the Vita to play right off the bat when you pick one up. Now if only I could find a custom green PS Vita with a Green Lantern light up LED logo on the back of it.



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