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March 2, 2014

First Impression: Constant C

Upside Down Mechanic

This weekend I got an opportunity to preview a Steam Greenlit game called Constant C. The game is expected to be released on March 7, 2014 and, so far, it’s looking good. Constant C is a platforming game wherein the player has to use problem-solving skills to solve gravity-based puzzles and collect relics. However, that description doesn’t really do the game justice. The core gameplay mechanic in Constant C is the ability to change the direction of gravity, allowing the player to approach any given level on four planes. In addition, the game also has the player surrounded in a time-altering bubble which changes the way objects react when the player is nearby. Objects which are far away from the player are frozen in time, and will remain stuck and immune to the effects of gravity until the player’s avatar comes near. Once the player approaches an object, gravity will immediately affect that object.

To those of you who play a lot of platforming games, these mechanics are definitely not new. For that reason, I don’t expect Constant C to blow any minds. That being said, the reason that time-warping (like Constant C’s time field) and plane-shifting (gravity shifting, in this case) are so common in platformers is because they are work well with the simplicity of a platform game. The gameplay mechanics of Constant C are tried-and-true and are definitely the thing that makes the game fun. Something I really liked about the game: sometimes I felt like the way I completed a puzzle wasn’t the way that I was intended to. Constant C gives you some freedom in how you complete each level, and I think that’s really cool.

Constant C's time-distortion feature in action.

Constant C’s time-distortion feature in action.

The presentation of the game was very likeable. The characters, though few, were all fun to engage with. In-game, you’ll only really come across robotic characters, but there are human characters present in the flash-back style storytelling. Another likeable part of the presentation was the art style. It very Newgrounds-esque, similar in nature of Castle Crashers. The light-heartedness of the characters and the art style really set a nice tone when combined with the subtle darkness of the game’s story.

It's that simple.

It’s that simple.

Aside from the pleasant presentation, what really makes the game promising is how seamlessly the physics work with the controls. Once I had been playing for about an hour, I had gotten pretty good at manipulating gravity because the controls were so simple and functional. Everything about Constant C is very becoming of the simple nature of the platformer genre, and I really appreciated the way the game didn’t try to bog the player down with complicated controls or boringly difficult puzzles. That being said, some of the levels that I played were definitely tough enough to keep me frustrated and motivated me to kick some ass.

I, for one, am excited for the release.



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