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June 30, 2014

Chris’ Controversial Corner: Just Stop Already

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Forgive me if this one comes off a bit more rantish than normal, but boy am I tired of these stupid “this is the end for Sony” articles. I’m not even going to dignify the article I read with a link. It is filled with so much self serving garbage that I want to vomit, specifically onto the person who wrote it. Worst of all, this trash is getting a massive amount of hits, just what the author was hoping for I’m sure. It makes me wonder what’s worse, the ignorance shown by the author, or the ignorance of the people dancing to his little tune.

So basically the article goes into the current Playstation Now beta pricing. Yeah, it’s kinda high, we are all aware. Instead of making and article focusing on how to make the service better, this asshat decides to make yet another “Sony is doomed!” article. I could care less about Playstation Now, and I have no desire to defend Sony on this pricing. That’s not what this is about, this is about addressing ignorance and not starting fires where there is no need for one.

There really is no defending these prices.

Though most are outraged, there are people who find the pricing generally fair in some cases.

More often than not, the first paragraph will give you a solid idea of the direction of any article, review, or opinion piece. So when your first paragraph features three doom and gloom articles about Sony that you have previously written, all the “I love my PS3 and PS4” at the end of the article won’t change people’s perception. You are starting your article by essentially saying “I hope Sony fails,” and by that point you lose credibility. The only people you are impressing at this point are fanboys of the other consoles, for whom you are fueling their anti-Sony tendencies. In fact, that’s just the crowd they were probably looking for, the vocal group of everything not Playstation. You know, because they spend more time reading Sony articles than Sony fans do. Enough of them show up and boost your article on N4G and suddenly you start drawing in the blind defenders of everything Sony. Good job, you managed to target all the people who could care less about the article itself and only care about the title.

From there, they decide to imply that Sony is betting the farm on Playstation Now, which is a foolish assumption to make. Playstation Now is big for the Playstation brand, there is no doubting that, but to think that the platform will fail because their service for streaming older games isn’t good is preposterous. There will be people that use it, and there will be a great many people who find the pricing to be high and will pass. That in no way signifies any massive blow to Sony, other than one less marketing tool. It is clear that right now the Playstation 4 is doing perfectly fine without Playstation Now, and there is no reason to think that it won’t continue to do so into 2015 when the big exclusives start to hit.

E3 does not make or break the PS4, nor does PS Now make or break Sony.

E3 does not make or break the PS4, nor does PS Now make or break Sony.

Then again, this is an article that states Sony is having a bad year and links to an E3 2014 article. For future reference, even if you think Sony didn’t have a great E3, that doesn’t take away the fact that they still have the best selling console. The Playstation brand is having an excellent year and is enjoying a greater success than they could have anticipated. Sure, Sony as a whole isn’t doing great, but that isn’t a result of Playstation. Talk about losing money on their TV division, talk about the poor domestic box office performance of Amazing Spider-Man 2, talk about the loss and sale of their Vaio division, but don’t talk about Playstation. Besides, Sony is a multibillion dollar company, they aren’t going to just fold overnight because people don’t like the price of Playstation Now. If bad press was all it took then Microsoft should have folded before E3 2013. Yet here we are a year later and they are doing just fine, so I’m not worried about Sony.

The absolute worst part of this article comes at the end, the section titled “Are you a Microsoft Fanboy?” If your article requires this kind of disclosure, you have failed to properly make your point. This is like making a racist joke and leading with, “I’m not racist but…” just don’t do it. Remember the part about credibility? Even if your article is complete trash based on a completely trash idea, because ultimately PS Now is used to attack the Playstation and Sony for whatever reason, you can still make a credible attack. This is just a bunch of nonsense meant to draw in readers based entirely on a title. Stuff like this needs to stop, you may play video games but that doesn’t suddenly make you an expert in the business practices of a company. You can’t just declare something the nail in the coffin when, in the greater context, that thing is such a small part of the company. If you want hits, make some quality content, don’t be another site that just fuels fanboy debates for ad revenue.




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