**Currently under construction 10/21**

Here is our current staff roster at ThoseGamingNerds, it will change and grow as we welcome more talent to our writing staff.














Mark is the owner here at ThoseGamingNerds, with over 3 years of experience in video game journalism, he also does a majority of the PR work here at TGN as well as a writer, editing and creating videos, a podcast co-host,  and has his own original article for the site called The Ion-Insider.

Email: Mark@ThoseGamingNerds.com

Twitter: @The_Ionvein

YouTube: www.YouTube.com/ThoseGamingNerds













Chris is the official Lead Editor here at ThoseGamingNerds, where he is in charge of the day to day writings, making sure reviews and original content is up to par. He is also a writer here and does mainly reviews and first impressions, he also has his own original article called Chris’ Controversial Corner and is the other Podcast Co-host as well..

Email: Chris@ThoseGamingNerds.com

Twitter: @TGN_Chris

YouTube: www.YouTube.com/NightmareCV













Tony is our resident on again/off again writer here, he primarily specializes in creating videos and also has his own original video segment on the site called Tony Tell’em.

Email: Tony@ThoseGamingNerds.com

Twitter: @Tony_Lo_860

YouTube: www.YouTube.com/TonyTellem










Andrew is another one of our more creative writers here, he works on our weekly article The Quick and The Dead, and from time to time will post reviews and news as well.

Email: Andrew@ThoseGamingNerds.com

Twitter: @TGN_Andrew














Ross is one of our associate Editors here at ThoseGamingNerds, where he mainly writes reviews and will also go through from time to time to make sure our articles are written in a proper English format. He also may throw up a review of a comic book or original article here and there as well.

Email: Ross@ThoseGamingNerds.com



When it comes to Anime and Indie games Nat is one of the go to writers here at ThoseGamingNerds.

Email: Nat@ThoseGamingNerds.com



Havoc is our Youtube guru, already having quite the following on Youtube he will be working with TGN to get some top notch videos for the site.

YouTube: www.YouTube.com/xHaVoC83x


Email: Havoc@ThoseGamingNerds.com



Brendan is our resident artist and the creative mind behind our weekly web-comic called Basement Dwellers.

Email: Brendan@ThoseGamingNerds.com