is slowly but surely becoming one of the go to sites for all things Video Games, Comic Books, all things Tech and soon to be Movies as well. We have a close-knit staff of writers who not only love what they do but we also hang out on Skype and play countless games together as well. This isn’t just a job to us, and lets face it we kind of do this for free, but it’s also our way to get our ideas, thoughts and opinion on things heard. We pride ourselves on bringing nothing but our A game to the table with the content we provide to our readers and we’re always looking for new people to bring on to our team to not only contribute content but help shape and mold ThoseGamingNerds into a powerhouse in all things nerdy.

Some things you should know about what we look for in writers at, we look for writers who don’t stick to the norm, when it comes to reviews we don’t want it cut and dry, we like to have fun and we try to not “crack the whip” too hard so to speak. We also love original content, anyone can have a site with news and reviews, we want to offer new and exciting content that no one else is doing or talking about so we always condone ideas for new things that we can offer with an open mind. If you are interested in applying for a position as ThoseGamingNerds we don’t have a strict policy on how to apply, we just need the following things.

  • Two pieces of recent writing, it could be a review or personal posts you make about gaming on your own blog even.
  • You must be 18+ to apply for a writing position.
  • Include something about yourself, while you are applying for a staff position we like to know who we are bringing on to our team as we aren’t going to just tell you what to write and not talk to you. We try to become friends here and just enjoy what we do.

While the job positions here at ThoseGamingNerds do not provide pay, we try to get you other things to make up for the hard work you are putting in to the site by getting review copies of games, media/press passes to events around the country, depending on how things go we can get other technological goodies as well including, headsets and other gaming peripherals.

Writers have a laid back guideline to follow as we aren’t strict with post numbers, while there is a minimum amount that must be submitted, we understand that sometimes life gives you lemons and at times those lemons cause you to not be able to meet the minimum. While we do have a 90 day trial period so to speak where we see how you are doing and go over everything and get you into the groove of our not so orthodox ways around here, once those 90 days are up consider yourself a full fledged TGN Member.

We aren’t just looking for people to write reviews and news, as we have been expanding over the past year since the launch of ThoseGamingNerds, we are looking into various other forms of media and staffing jobs as well, the complete list is bellow:

  • Video Games: News, Previews, Reviews
  • Comic Book: News, Reviews
  • Movies: News, Reviews
  • Mobile Platform Gaming
  • Video Editors
  • Machinima
  • Casters and Live Streamers
  • Other Forms of Original Content

ThoseGamingNerds is constantly growing and we’re coming up with new content and ideas almost daily for the site, if there is anything on the list above that perks your interest and you want more details on our guidelines, what to expect or any general questions feel free to send an email over to and any questions you have will be answered to the best of our abilities.

If you do decide you want to apply you can send an email again to